About me
Specialized teacher in Biology and Physics, I also attended a course in Medical science and Psychopathology ULg
to improve a re-educational method of learning with Music Therapy.
As a Transactional Analyst, I finally joined the other orientations of music therapy: psychosocial, psychotherapeutic
and health fields.

Experienced professional music therapist and trainer for High Schools.
Composer of experimental music pieces including "techniques in slash" in 1995 " – see below.
Member of the French Federation of Music Therapy (FFM) &
Associate member of the British Association of Music Therapy (BAMT).

During many years, I led therapeutic groups for children, young-people and adults with psychological
difficulties and a decreased quality of life.
Trainer for the 'French Community' of Belgium, I became lecturer in seminaries.

Official collaborator of the ULg and Liege CHU as expert, I've got a lot of field experience.
Giga local collaborator for the hypnosis and pain study center at Giga Liege : click here

Biology, psychology and music represent my basic knowledge and are my main interests.

I am interested in intonation, rythm, vocal 'sign' and all 'non-verbal' information hidden in the language
and which are particularly important in the recording of hypnoses.
Expérience :

Clinical Music Therapist
CHU de Liège
2010 – today

Music Therapy Postformation Trainer
Trainer CfWB
mai 2016 -Aujourd'hui

Music Therapy Trainer
Trainer CfWB
avril 1995 – today

Music Composer
juin 1989 – 2017 Région de Liège, Belgique

Transactional Analyst
Feb 2010 – today
Independant Counsellor

Biology Teacher
Province de Liège
mars 1978 – décembre 2013 (35 ans 10 mois)

Music Therapist for disabled people
Province de Liège
septembre 1982 – juin 2013
Animation psychomusicale chez des jeunes gens en grandes difficultés ayant
une qualité de vie fortement réduite et parfois un espérance de vie raccourcie.

Associations :

Fédération Française de Musicothérapie (FFM)

British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT)

Société Française de Musicothérapie (SFM)

European Muisic Therapy Confederation (EMTC)

Association Belge d'Analyse Transactionnelle (ASSOBAT)

European Association Transactional Analyst (EATA)

Formations :

Université de Liège
Psychologie : Psychiatrie / Psychopathologie psychiatrique - Distinction
2014 – 2015

Certified Music Therapist
1994 – 1997

UVCB Bruxelles
Music Therapy
1993 – 1994
Formateur pour enseignants et groupes de professionnels spécialisés
dans les approches thérapeutiques

Université de Liège
Master 1, First Master Medical Sciences
1980 – 1981

Conservatoire de Musique
Prix d'Excellence

Transactional Analysis

Activités et associations : Analyse Transactionnelle

Ecole Normale Jonfosse
Certified School Teacher, Biology
1974 – 1977